Town Center Bike Share Program

Zagster Announces Bike Share Closures in
Cumberland and Town Center

On Wednesday, May 27, the Cumberland Community Improvement District (CID) and the Town Center CID received notice Zagster will no longer be providing services to their markets. Based in Boston, Zagster managed and operated both of the CIDs’ bike-share programs.

Read the full release here.


  • First CID-sponsored bike share program in Georgia
  • 24/7 rental access
  • 45 bikes at six stations
  • *Please Note: This program is no longer in service. Learn more here.

The Town Center Bike Share program, the first offered by a Georgia CID, yielded tremendous success. In effect from 2015 to 2020, the program logged more than 50,000 rides and attracted some of the highest membership in the country. This project has prompted an open dialogue within the Town Center CID and Alliance about the importance of multi-modal mobility throughout the district and beyond.

The CID is committed to bringing cycling to the forefront of mobility and providing recreation options in the district. With a dense workplace environment and growing KSU community, bikes can be a safe, fun and affordable way to connect with our vibrant community, create memorable experiences, and form healthy habits.



Financial Source

  • Town Center CID:

Launched: 2015
Project Status: No Longer in Service