Town Center Bike Share Program


  • First CID-sponsored bike share program in Georgia
  • 24/7 rental access
  • 45 bikes at six stations

The Town Center Bike Share program offers public rentals of 45 bikes at six docking stations throughout the district. The Alliance partnered with Cobb & Douglas Public Health to install the newest station at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park in September 2019. To rent a ride, users use the Zagster app to unlock a bike. Then they are free to run errands, get to class, explore the trails, and more. When their ride is complete, they must return the bike to a Town Center bike share station and lock the bike back to the dock.

The CID is committed to bringing cycling to the forefront of mobility and providing recreation options in the district. We chose to partner with Zagster because they offered the flexibility to scale the program for our district’s needs. Our bike share serves as an alternative transportation option as well as a new, enriching activity for the people here.

A bike share is a safe, fun and affordable way to connect with our vibrant community, create memorable experiences, and form healthy habits. Our program has attracted some of the highest membership and number of rentals due to the daytime use of our trails, a dense workplace environment and the growing KSU community.



Financial Source

  • Initial Investment:
    Town Center CID
  • Ongoing Investment:
  • Station Sponsors:
    Avonlea Creekside Apartments
    Cobb & Douglas Public Health

What’s Next?

Our Zagster bikes are continuously updated with the latest technology and accessibility options. Soon, we will plan our next program expansion by analyzing ridership statistics to determine where new stations are needed most.

Launched: 2015 
Project Status: Ongoing